Gift Ideas

BilletSpin Tops: Navigator by john cheng

I've always loved spinning tops from when I was very young. My first top was a wooden throw top that my dad taught me how to throw. It took a while to get the hang of it, but that memory has stayed with me ever since. Now that I'm older, I still love tops, but my tastes have also gotten older.

In comes the precision metal spinning tops. These suckers might be expensive, but are well worth it. They are tiny pieces of art that you can play with. Yes you could buy another knife to add to your collection of EDC with the amount that you spend, but you can't really play with a knife in the way you could with a top. Plus you can bring it anywhere unlike with a knife. 

That being said, you should check out the Navigator by BilletSpin on Indiegogo. This is the 25th top that they've made and its a beauty of a top. The machine work on this thing is gorgeous. Reminds me of what I imagined the Golden Compass should look like. 

Last bit of information, once this campaign is over, they wont be made again! 

3A Toys x Bravest Warriors by john cheng

I don't even know where to start. I've been following WO3A for quite some time and hope to own a toy of theirs in the near future. I haven't made a purchase yet mostly because I don't have the funds to buy one of their amazing toys.

It is definitely getting way more difficult especially with the new release of the Bravest Warriors toys. I mean, just look at them! Beautifully made! You can pre-order them at Bambalandstore May 21st, mark your calendars!

Tested: Felt Creatures with Woolbuddy by john cheng

Norm from Tested interviews Jackie Huang from "Woolbuddies" at WonderCon 2015. I saw this guy a few years back at Dcon and his kits are amazing. I'm thinking about buying a kit again!

If you're looking for a fun weekend project or a fun DIY gift for someone, this is definitely a fun project to pick up.

At WonderCon, we meet up with Jackie Huang, an artist who sculpts with felt to create fantastic creatures. Jackie's "Woolbuddies" take the form of everything from adorable owls to giant dragons and even an R2-D2 droid. We learn about the felting process and get a quick demo!

Katamaku: Utilizing Materials by john cheng

What a great way to upcycle unused materials! Rather than throwing the material away or recycling by breaking it down through processes to create other materials, Katamaku has taken the used canvas material as is and re-purposed it into entirely new products. SMART!

Katamaku is a new series of products that utilize unused parts of the membrane material that were to be thrown away. They were made into various cases and bags for everyday use. The products use industrial membrane fabric, such as used for the roof of Tokyo Dome. One aim of the designers is that people will appreciate the beauty in materials that are not usually seen up close.

Pop Vinyl: Doctor Who by john cheng

Everyone go on high alert! Doctor Who PopVinyls are finally here! I want all of these right now!
They drop July 2015 but are currently available for pre-order on To pre-order or not to pre-order...

S'well by john cheng

If you happen to be looking for a new well designed beverage bottle that keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours, then check out S'well. You can do custom logo bottles too for your organization!

S'well is the premier fashionable reusable water bottle made of the highest-grade stainless steel, keeping drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Sage Medallions by john cheng

Playing with Rhino3D has been my life as of late. Since the advent of 3D printing and how quickly it seems to be rising in the limelight, I felt it necessary to be somewhat knowledgeable on 3D rendering. I needed a project, so I decided making signet rings would be a good mixture of ease and difficulty. 

I was also in a fit of nostalgia seeing many images of Legend of Zelda on my feed, resulting in the creation of signet rings for the sages in Ocarina of time. These have never been printed before, but if you're willing to risk 10 bucks or more (depending on the material you pick) you can have your own by ordering from Shapeways!

I've already ordered some samples but they have yet to arrive. Fingers crossed!

Cardboard Skull by john cheng

I've been wanting to buy a model skull to keep at home as reference when drawing, but this looks much more fun than any plain old skull because you have the build it yourself! Check out the Vince Human Skull by Cardboard Safari designed by artist Nate Main.

DIY Leather Ring by john cheng

There is not much time left before Christmas! If you need a few more stocking stuffers, try making some of these leather rings presented by Inspire to make! Really easy to make and the tools are also very easy to come by. Try it out!

The art of making a simple leather ring. More pictures at - DIY leather ring #DIY #craft #leathercraft #design #doityourself cómo hacer un anillo cómo hacer un anillo de cuero

DIY Martini Sword by john cheng

Holiday parties are coming up soon! Why not impress your friends with some martini swords that you made yourselves? Or maybe you can craft the perfect set of mini swords for your friend's mini bar as a Christmas gift! Either way, it's still a fun weekend project. Check out Inspire to Make to nail down the process yourself!

How to make a Mini Sword out of nail. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Music:

Kickstarter: A Mechanical Pencil That Will Last You A Lifetime by john cheng

I'm a pen and pencil addict. I love finding writing utensils that are well crafted. Andrew Sanderson has created a mechanical pencil on kickstarter that fits this category. Not to mention the aluminum version of this pencil will match the aluminum Retrakt by Karus Customs that was also funded through kickstarter.

Hurry and back it now! The reward tiers are beginning to run out and it's still got 50 days left!

DIY Bullet Headphones by john cheng

Monday! That means it's time to start thinking about your next weekend project! The next time you head to the shooting range, be sure to save a couple bullet casings to make a custom enclosure for your earbuds!

Website: Facebook: Music: I would like to say big thank you to all of you guys for amazing support and your comments. And to do that I'm giving away this pair of custom made headphones for free. I will send them anywhere in the world.

J. L. Lawson & Co. Brass Shaving Brush by john cheng

I love shopping at J. L. Lawson & Co. mostly for their spin tops, but now I have yet another thing I would like to purchase from them. This is such a beautifully crafted shaving brush that I think I'll want to replace mine for this one. Well, maybe I'll wait for when the silver finish comes out.

Chris Peterson Custom Spin Tops by john cheng

Tops Tops Tops! I have been perusing the internets to find some more everyday carry tops to purchase and discovered Chris Peterson's custom made tops. I'll probably be purchasing a few from him unless someone out there would like to buy a few for me, no objections here!

NHK ~ Japanology: Spinning Tops by john cheng

I love spinning tops! I played with them when I was little and still do, although I do still hold a slight fear of tops when throwing them because of one incident of having the top whip back at me and giving me a fat lip. Despite that, I still love tops.

Spinning tops have been a part of many different cultures but recently I found a video on youtube called Japanology that delves deep into the cultural significance of tops in Japan.

(NHK) ~ Begin Japanology invites you into the world of Japanese culture, both traditional and modern, explaining how traditions evolved and the part they still play today in people's everyday lives.

Seconds by john cheng

I've been on a comic binge. But out of all the comics I've read so far, Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley, stands out the most. I still haven't read Scott Pilgrim by O'Malley, but after reading Seconds, I plan on binge reading through those as well.

If you are a comic fan, O'Malley fan, love illustration or just plain love layout design, you really need to pick up a copy of Seconds. The flow of it is just AMAZING! I borrowed this book from a friend to read, but I need, NEED to own a copy of it.