Soy Sause Water Bottle / by john cheng

Looking back to my childhood, it's no wonder I became a designer. I remember collecting various things here and there from restaurants, things I find on the ground, rocks, basically anything that caught my eye. One of these such treasures was the tiny soy sauce containers that came with bento boxes.

I loved these things! They are shaped like tiny fish, sometimes other animals, and contain just the right amount of soy sauce...well...that is if you're the type of person who likes soy sauce to accompany your food rather than food to accompany your soy sauce. I digress.


Maker of small toys and chotchkies Ehara, made a larger version of this tiny container as a thermos! They run at about ¥800, but if you think you're gonna get one now, you're out of luck. Sold out...but only for the moment I hope.