Keys That Go Bump! / by john cheng

This is why design plays an important role in our everyday lives. Why design should be viewed by everybody as an important asset and taken seriously.

We've used the same type of keys to lock our doors in the US for quite some time now, but how secure are your locks? Apparently not so much.

As shown above, bump keys make it easy to break into your home with great ease. According to this CBS news segment, these have been around for quite some time, but why hasn't there been a solution for it? Well, if we look at it from a lock-smith's perspective, I can understand why these types of keys are nice to have. They reduce the headache of having to use lock rakes or those pin things in tandem with a torque wrench of sorts. But on the consumer end, trying to keep my home secure and safe makes me wonder why keys haven't moved towards more complex designs.

All in all, if someone is trying to steal your stuff, they're gonna do it anyway, but if bump keys are this easy to get, maybe its time to redesign our false sense of security.