Stefan Bucher / by john cheng

Last night I had the opportunity to attend Roski Talks with guest Stefan Bucher. There were so many things that he said about his life experience as a designer/artist that completely resonated with me.

One of such things was a question that he posed to himself wondering whether or not he wanted to just be a graphic designer. This is a question that I find myself pondering everyday and I think as a result, it has pushed me to try different things. Just the mere fact that another designer who is far more established in his career, felt the same way as me, was very assuring and encouraging.

Greed control was another topic he touched upon. To be able to assess a project and have the ability to say no based not on how much money it can make you, but based on well you can design that specific project. He moved forward to say that it is not a power game and not about being an entitled designer, but instead understanding how much control you have over the project to get the best possible product. To make it even more clear, he illustrated that more greed = bad work. As greed increases and money becomes your motivation, the quality of work decreases, but of course only in the context of discretionary. If you have bills to pay, a family to feed, that is a luxury that cannot be afforded sometimes. However there are moments when it is possible.

The last bit stuck out to me was his take on producing work. There may be time and time again where you spend hours upon hours on a project only to get a "meh" result versus other times where you spend 15 minutes and get the most brilliant solution. There should be no shame in the amount of time spent on a project. Its a difficult concept to grasp, but to make it more clear he alluded it to folding a paper crane. You may one day fold a paper crane in 2 minutes and it is the most perfect of paper cranes, however that crane was benefited by 10 years of folding prior to that. The only reason why you were able to create the brilliant piece of work in 15 minutes is because of all the time and effort you placed into your craft for however many years prior.

Ass to chair adhesion..
— -Stefan Bucher

This concept was a good lead to move further into work ethic. Always be producing work, because if you wait for inspiration to come, it never will. You have to sit and work and create on a schedule for those ideas to flourish. Sit down and make sure the, "ass to chair adhesion," forms. You're already sitting there, you're not gonna get up now, so just make work!

Thank you Stefan Bucher, you are a great inspiration to me!