Reconnecting Severed Nerves with Liquid Metal / by john cheng

Our nervous system is so complex and is one of the most systems in our body that we take for granted until something goes wrong. My family has already had to experience, a couple times, the horror of what nerve damage can do. This is why the research at Tsinghua University is so intriguing to me.

The researchers identified liquid metal as highly conductive but also safe and chose the alloy gallium-indium-selenium, a benign material that remains liquid at body temperatures, to perform their experiments.

To test the material, electric pulses were applied to nerves in a frog leg so that the calf muscle would contract. Then they severed the sciatic nerve and reconnected the two ends with the liquid alloy. The liquid metal was able to transmit electrical signals as well as before the nerve had been severed.

These are all early stages of testing but the research can prove to be live change in the future. Amazing!!

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