Jackie Chan: How to Do Action Comedy / by john cheng

Here is an interesting segment on the differences between the action in the films of Jackie Chan and the action of other films. Yes, he may have the advantage of being a skilled martial artist and other actors may not have the years of training Chan has to emulate the style of action film that is unique to Chan, but it also seems like the point of budgeting and editing really play a bigger role just as the video argues.

Our world is so budget conscious that we always seem to sacrifice quality work versus figuring out a creative solution that can merge the two. What's worse is when the lack a quality is noticed, it is the creative person/team that will get the short end of the stick being stuck with the stigma of not delivering. Maybe I'm still being naive in hoping that if we all just do quality work, the work will show for itself, but in the end everyone really needs to be on the same page.

One thing is for sure, Chan's movies are definitely different from other action films in the market.

Source: http://likecool.com/