30 Day Art Challenge / by john cheng

30 Day Week Art Challenge I have definitely seen this challenge floating around for over a year now and have been meaning to try it out but just have never gotten around to doing it. So to make it easier on myself, I'll be attempting to post one art challenge per week. Key word "attempt!" Mostly because my work schedule on top of freelance and other side projects, doesn't really allow much time for an art challenge like this. But I'll try my best! ...starting next week...HAH!

What about you? Are you bored? Need stuff to draw? Take the challenge! It's posted below:

1. Yourself or your persona. 2. Someone you like (celebrity, significant other, or crush) 3. One, some, or all of your friends. 4. An animal you think is really cute. 5. Your favorite outfit. 6. Something you've never drawn before. 7. Your family or a family member. 8. Something with your favorite color 9. Your favorite cartoon/anime character. 10. Something you couldn't live without. 11. Your favorite food. 12. An inanimate object. 13. A group picture. 14. Your favorite book character. 15. Someone from your favorite board or video game. 16. Something that represents your favorite song. 17. Your favorite holiday. 18. A couple (any two people) 19. Something you're afraid of. 20. A comic. 21. Something you don't like. 22. Your favorite season. 23. Something that makes you happy. 24. Something that represents your favorite culture/country/language. 25. Someone or something from mythology. 26. Your favorite sweet food/candy/etc. 27. Your favorite scene from a movie. 28. A room. 29. Your favorite weather. 30. Something you'd like to share with your followers or friends.