Resources: Spoonflower and Making Scarves / by john cheng

Resources, resources, resources! I had seen some beautiful scarves made a long time ago and really wanted to try my hand at making some silk scarves using my illustrations. About two years back I finally went on my search to create these scarves. 

I played around with the idea of silk screening the scarves but quickly realized the complications that would result from not having a high enough mesh count to translate the detailed drawings and also worrying about having a thick layer of paint lying on top of the fabric. With a bit more searching I landed on Spoonflower

Spoonflower was great because I could translate any of my illustrations onto a variety of fabrics they provided as a blank canvas. The process was easy enough and they also provide the ability to sell your patterns on their site. If you like illustrating and making patterns, than this is definitely for you.

To test everything out first, I got some of my illustrations printed and made a few pencil pouches and a make-up bag for my then girlfriend now fiancee.

Seeing that the first process was quite successful, it led me to finally create the scarf that I wanted to make. It started with my main illustration image that I created into a pattern so that I would have multiple sections to cut from and make a collection of scarves. From there, came the arduous task of folding and hemming the edges and corners correctly. All in all I would say the scarf was a success and I'm very satisfied with it.

Since this whole scarf endeavor, I haven't made any new ones, but upon revisiting my process a year later, I think I may just make some more.

If you'd like the scarf above, I currently only have 2 left which you can purchase at my shop. Get cozy with some wearable art!