Baron Fig / by john cheng

Moleskine Sketchbooks are one of the items on my essentials list that I carry around everyday. I'm the type of guy that just needs to have something readily available to write ideas down or just doodle and sketch on. I almost get a nervous tick if I don't have it with me and don't know what to do with myself.

Moleskines, even though they are one of the most useful tools and I will never stop buying them, get a bit bland. Baron Fig however seems to mix it up a bit for me, I recently received my own in the mail as a reward for participating in their Kickstarter campaign and it is beautiful! Personally I would have liked it with the elastic band to secure the book when not in use because i throw my sketchbooks around, but I can live without it.

So bottom line, if you like Moleskines but want to try something new or mix up your collection of notebooks/sketchbooks, try out Baron Fig.