Power Rangers Movie / by john cheng

Transformers has been rebooted, Ninja Turtles is in progress of being rebooted and now, the Power Rangers! I totally remember when the very first episode of Power Rangers aired. It was a Saturday morning, my cousin Jessica was staying at our house, and the both of us woke up very early to be sure that we would not miss the very first episode of the Power Rangers.

I was quite obsessed over this series in elementary school. I remember making my own power coins by meticulously drawing the green rangers symbol onto circular paper cut outs that were then taped to two quarters that were also taped together.

I'm very interested to see, some 20 years later, how this Lionsgate reboot will pan out. It will probably fail in comparison to my childhood memories, but I hope it will still be fun none-the-less. Go go Power Rangers!