3D Printing x10,000! / by john cheng


Ok, maybe x10,000 is a bit of an exaggeration but enlarging the output and size of a 3D printer to make houses at a lower cost is a great idea! American outfit Contour Crafting had proposed the concept back in 2012 but stayed pretty quiet after that. On the other side of the world, however, China was developing a house 3D printer.

Fast forward a couple years and you have WinSun Decoration Design Engineering company printing 10 sample structures of 200 square meters each. The entire lot was produced in under 24 hours and each house cost less than US$5000. On top of that, the building material used in the printer is made entirely out of recycled materials (a mixture of construction and industrial waste.) Imagine the possibilities!

Source: http://www.core77.com/