Protesting China Trade Deal / by john cheng

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On March 19, 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan, students and protestors occupied the plaza outside of the Taiwanese Parliament to protest the act by the ruling the Kuomingtang (KMT) party to ratify a service and trade agreement with China. Why is this bad you ask? This basically allows Chinese citizens to open businesses and take jobs in Taiwan with little to no red tape and in turn taking away the jobs of the locals and recent college grads. What's even more alarming is the process in which this ruling was made.

Normally this type of agreement needs to go under review for at least 6-7 years before it gets passed or over-ruled, however all of a sudden,

After two consecutive days of fights and scuffling with opposition lawmakers last week, Taiwan’s ruling Kuomintang party, led by Ma, declared on March 17 the pact had passed the required reviews. The KMT, as the party is known, holds a majority of seats in the legislature.


If you look back and study Taiwan's history, you'll begin to understand why there are so many disagreements between the two parties as well as many angry citizens. And if you ask me, this is all sounding pretty shady.

Help oppose the agreement by signing the petition and let the White House know, "President Ma is trying to ignore normal review procedure and enforce to pass the trade agreement between Taiwan and China without any line-by-line review. This agreement will only benefit the China economy. Moreover, Taiwan will be invaded gradually:Taiwanese democracy will erode by Chinese dictatorship."

So far the petition has 71,685/100,000 signatures needed by April 17, 2014, to get this to the desk of President Obama.