New Square Readers / by john cheng

One of the best tools to have during a convention or show to have is a Square credit card reader. I've had mine for quite some time now and it has been very useful.

Useful as my reader may be, Square will be changing their reader all together to accommodate new EMV cards. EMV cards are credit cards with embedded computer chips that help reduce the chance of fraud. Chances are that if you got a new credit card lately, it has a chip embedded in it. This isn't a new thing, by the way, it's actually credit card tech that has already been in use around the world except by the US because we're slow to adapt to these type of things. Its about time too especially when you look back on the Target and Neiman Marcus credit card info leaks as well as realize that 50% of the worlds credit card fraud happens in the U.S.

All in all the change is a good thing, but for all of us entrepreneurs heading out to fairs, conventions, shows, food trucks, etc ... we're going to need a new card reader. It's not out yet, but be sure to sign up to get alerted when pre-orders start. If you don't feel like getting a new reader that accepts EMV cards, dont' worry, your old one will still work, you just might be accepting payment from a fraudulent card though.